Good Jobs

As Governor, Joe Schiavoni will:

  • Protect collective bargaining rights to ensure workers get paid a decent wage and are protected on the job;
  • Raise the minimum wage to give more workers the ability to support their families;
  • Invest in improving our roads, bridges and sewage systems to create thousands of jobs right here in Ohio
  • Provide targeted tax credits to companies that add new jobs or invest in upgrading new equipment and facilities.

Great Schools

As Governor, Joe Schiavoni will:

  • Reverse the tax shift that has drained money from schools and given tax cuts to the rich;
  • Crack down on for profit-charter schools that waste taxpayer money and fail to properly educate our kids;
  • Increase funding for public schools to give our outstanding public school teachers the tools they need;
  • Invest in fixing or replacing crumbling schools;
  • Make attending a public college or university more affordable.

Safe and Healthy Communities

As Governor, Joe Schiavoni will:

  • Dramatically increase funding for treatment options and law enforcement to fight the opioid epidemic that is devastating our communities.
  • Restore funding to Planned Parenthood to provide affordable healthcare to women across Ohio.
  • Protect the expansion of Medicaid that has given health insurance to over 700,000 Ohioans.
  • Fight any attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Work with local communities to reduce the rates of infant mortality.

Fighting to End Ohio’s Opioid Crisis

Ohio needs to do much more to fight the opioid epidemic. Addiction is a healthcare issue, but it also impacts criminal justice, child protection, and all aspects of life in Ohio. Joe’s Republican colleagues refuse to treat this like the epidemic it is. Their inability to act is costing Ohio 10 lives and millions of dollars per day. It’s time to stop talking about the problem and start doing something about it.

As Governor, Joe Schiavoni will:

Rebuild Mental Health and Addiction Services across Ohio:
Our current healthcare and mental health programs are underfunded. This leaves too many Ohioans without the help they need.  Joe will enact comprehensive policies that:

  • Make resources immediately available to help our communities fight this epidemic.
  • Provide resources to the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health (ADAMH) Boards.
  • Increase capacity for inpatient treatment beds and incentivize doctors to offer outpatient treatment, especially in underserved areas.
  • Expand Medicaid coverage and reimbursement rates.
  • Require insurance companies to cover alternatives to opioids for pain management.
  • Incentivize medical providers to use alternatives to opiate prescriptions.

Provide Comprehensive Criminal Justice Tools
Law enforcement is often on the front lines of the opiate scourge.  First responders need the tools and the training to prevent the spread of deadly narcotics, lock up drug traffickers, and help citizens recover. Joe will:

  • Provide law enforcement and first responders with resources to keep addicts alive until appropriate treatment is possible.
  • Support law enforcement efforts to stop the movement of deadly illegal fentanyl, carfentanil, and heroin across the state.
  • Study drug courts as an alternative to conviction.
  • Support changes to Ohio law to give recovering addicts a fresh start.
  • Promote the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative.

Support Our Local Communities
The ripple effects of the opiate crisis hit child protective services, law enforcement, health care providers, and tight knit communities especially hard. We must:

  • Increase local government funds to help communities battle this crisis at home.
  • Target resources to child protective services as they help so many Ohio children dealing with addicted parents.
  • Build opportunities for people in recovery to pursue housing and employment.

Ohio has the ability to invest in programs and research to help end this crisis – WITHOUT breaking the bank.

How Do We Pay For It?

  • Use just 10% of Ohio’s emergency fund to immediately and thoroughly address this crisis in a fiscally responsible way.
  • Roll back the Kasich administration’s reckless tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • Take advantage of available federal dollars to help fight this battle from all sides.
  • Build treatment and prevention programs that will last for decades. We must not only save addicts and end this crisis, but give Ohioans a comprehensive behavioral health system for years to come.

Every one dollar spent on effective treatment saves several dollars in criminal justice and emergency health spending. We save money – and lives – by addressing this crisis head-on right now.